Custom lighting imagined by you

Designed and crafted to your standards.


Standard products available for time or

budget critical projects.



The Lumos team is well versed in all areas of lighting design and fabrication, creating products that combine your design intent with our experience in producing robust, quality fixtures. We also believe that custom products should be as easy to install and service as a standard lighting fixture, and recognize that products need to be energy efficient while reflecting the functional illumination requirements of the space.


Our fabrication capabilities include working in virtually all types of metals and finishes. We produce shades and lenses from glass, plastic(s) and fabric. We are versed in using all light sources including incandescent, fluorescent, white and RGB LEDs.


All Lumos products are approved and labeled with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) label for dry and damp location applications. Exterior products require additional testing by UL for a wet location listing and additional lead time.


100% locally-sourced

and fabricated in Colorado.

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