Purdue University's LED Caffeine Molecule Light Fixture

When Purdue University wanted a statement piece for the renovated Chemistry Department Commons Area, the architect decided a caffeine molecule was the perfect statement.

Lumos took their concept and designed a fixture that is part sculpture and lighting with a bit of whimsy.


The 15 by 20 foot molecule spans across the entrance to the Chemistry building. The spheres are internally illuminated with colored LED modules that can be individually controlled and dimmed.

At the owner's request, we sent Pete Pellerin from Lumos to assist with the installation. The contractor had scheduled two electricians for four days to install the molecule. Pete assembled, wired and tested the unit in twelve hours while the electricians attended to finalizing other electrical tasks. It is often more cost-effective to send an expert to the job site to assist with the installation of a custom fixture.

As commented by one of the professors, "Really nice... we have inorganic chemistry in the metal, organic chemistry in the plastics, physical chemistry in the light emission and we have biochemistry in the construction of Mr. Pellerin by his mom and dad. Not bad. We analytical chemists just wanted a real cup of coffee and we've got that at long last."



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